A Tribute to the Legend, Mr Dave Egerton

A Tribute to the Legend, Mr Dave Egerton

24th January 2018 Founders Thoughts 0

Yesterday we said goodbye to Dave Egerton. An ingenious man who was famous for being the inventor of satellite e-mail.

Without Dave, GTMaritime would not exist, or at least it would not be what it is today.

When Dave worked as a Radio Officer for Cunard he came up with and invented the concept of sending e-mail over satellite. At the time it was Inmarsat A terminals and he used a Motorola 9600bps modem.

That was the beginnings of Marinet Systems that then became Globe Wireless and then finally became part of Inmarsat. The industry grew from there.

Having been a Radio Officer at sea, Mr Egerton had empathy with customers, he knew how important it was for the Captain to get his messages ashore and instilled that concept into his support staff so that everyone had the same attitude towards making sure the customer was happy.

Dave told me the story of when he was on the ‘Atlantic Conveyor’ which was part of the task force that sailed to the Falkland conflict in the South Atlantic in 1982.  He described to me what happened when they were hit by an Exocet missile and sank, sadly with the loss of several crew members.

Everyone who met Dave would say what a gentle and helpful man he was. He was generous with his knowledge, patient and always had time for anyone that needed to know a technical issue.

Many of the guys that have worked with Mr Egerton called him “Uncle Dave”. They talk so fondly of him and say that he was inspirational in making them get to where they are now”- Robert Kenworthy, CEO of GTMaritime

He will be sadly missed.

Rest in peace Dave Egerton