The evolution of technology on-board means vessels are becoming increasingly reliant on it to function and optimise performance. Downtime of these applications for any period of time is at best inconvenient, at worst expensive or even critical – requiring diversion of the ship and potential ship visits in order to return the system back to an operational state.

Mainstream IT solutions now utilise a variety of approaches to provide systems with a ‘standby’ server that not only replicates data between the two, but also requires no intervention to bring the standby server into an active state.

GTUptime solutions enable rapid deployment of always-on server infrastructures on-board, without any changes to your applications. Combined with our people and services, this enables us to prevent downtime before it occurs and ensure uninterrupted 24 x 365 performance of vessel business operations.

Key benefits:

  • All of the components within the GTUptime server are replicated; therefore, in the event of a component malfunction, the partner component acts as an active spare that continues normal operation and detects and handles faults before they can cause downtime.
  • Because this is not a ‘fail & recover’ process the GTUptime Server offers 99.999% UPTIME availability!
  • Proactive Availability Management System reports the server status to the Support Team for around the clock monitoring and fault detection.
  • Thin Clients are more cost effective, power efficient and reliable than traditional PCs; utilising them in conjunction with the GTUptime server builds a robust and reliable network
  • Centralised application and data storage simplifies management and security risks are reduced.

Simply power up the server and load your applications to benefit from our continuous processing technology.