The vast amount of data that is generated today, represents probably the single largest opportunity for organisations. How they share that data, process it and maximize its value is critical to their future success. It also presents some significant challenges

Nowhere is that challenge greater than at sea. As maritime companies increasingly exploit the use of technology on-board, with a myriad of applications, data is becoming widely available.

However, these ‘floating offices’, often globally dispersed, and faced with the inherent restrictions of satellite communications, sharing and taking advantage of that data remains a challenge.

What is required is a solution that enables data exchange anywhere, with no end user involvement on-board and designed specifically with satellite communications in mind.

Introducing GTRAFT – a solution for transferring information between client computers (usually ships, but they could be local offices) and head office. Information for transfer could be in the form of word-processing files, spreadsheets, data from on-board monitoring systems, e-forms, system settings or even registry or directory data.

Key benefits of GTRAFT:

  • Central Control

Complete central control (Everything is configured in the shore-side Management console); allows task definition, delivery, execution and return of results; automatic process with no crew involvement

  • Flexibility

Bi-directional file transfer, task automation and execution, remote monitoring and/or control of on-board devices

  • Performance

Built-in resilience to volatile and unstable satellite communication networks; high data compression.