GTMaritime’s email solution helps adventurers to stay in touch

Image of Axe using GTMailPlus

GTMaritime’s email solution helps adventurers to stay in touch

18th April 2017 Press Release 0

In conjunction with our partner Network Innovations, GTMaritime’s email helped Captain Grant “Axe” Rawlinson and First Mate Charlie Smith stay in touch with family and friends during their epic 78 day, unsupported rowing expedition from Singapore to Australia. The team successfully made the whopping 4,500km row from Singapore to Darwin, making history to be the first people to not only attempt the treacherous journey but to accomplish this route using only human power.

GTMailPlus, GTMaritime’s premium email solution, was provided to the team to ensure that throughout their isolated journey, they had the vital, reliable and consistent communication that they needed with home and their support teams. .

“In 2017 I rowed for 78 days making a 4,200km journey from Singapore through the Indonesian Archipalego to Australia. The journey was unsupported and took us through very remote areas in a tiny ocean rowing boat.  It was crucial to have reliable and robust email communications on-board to download weather information, upload social media content and communicate with our project manager and families.” Said Captain Grant “Axe” Rawlinson

“After much searching I settled on the GTMailPlus solution and am exceptionally happy with the choice.  The set-up and installation was straight forward, but more importantly, the system worked faultlessly every single one of the 78 days whilst at sea. The voyage was too remote to fix any technical issues had they arisen, so the system needed to be bomb proof.  It allowed us to get much more out of our satellite communications system than would normally be possible due to GTMailPlus’s advanced file compression techniques.  When there were connection issues whilst transmitting, the system would automatically pick up where the transfer was interrupted saving the need to start over again.  And of course the filters allowed us to only receive those messages important to the expedition.  I am looking forward to using GTMailPlus on the next stage of my journey, rowing 3000km from Australia to New Zealand across the unpredictable Tasman Sea in late 2017”

“We are really happy to have been able to support Axe and Charlie on their incredible adventure” said Robert Kenworthy, GTMaritime CEO “With GTMailPlus we knew that the team would be able to send vital communications even during the most remote parts of their trip. We look forward to continuing to support them during the next leg of their journey and wish them all the very best of luck”